Bharat Pi IoT Kit

IoT and M2M prototyping platform for students, developers and innovators.

Compute, network and storage on a single board to build rapid prototypes and accelerate your IoT go-to-market strategy.

How It Works?

Design your IoT solution with easy to program ESP-Microcontroller, multi network connectivity options - M2M, 4G/LTE, WiFi or Bluetooth, store and process data locally upto 16GB!

Powerful ESP32 microcontroller

The board is powered by ESP32 microcontroller, which is ideal for programming simple to complex algorithms and real-time applications. Board can be programmed using Arduino IDE.

Multiple network connectivity options

The board supports various connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular (M2M, 2G/4G/LTE), allowing you to connect to a wide range of devices and networks.

Multi-Sensor interface (upto 20 I/Os)

The board has several I/O pins that can control various types of sensors, actuators such as motors, relays, and LEDs, enabling you to create interactive and responsive IoT applications.

Local Data Storage Options

Memory card slot supporting upto 64GB of storage makes it easy for edge work loads and offline data storage for monitoring applications where network connectivity is a challenge.

Ultra Simplified IoT Platform

Brilliant IoT kit to Build SmartBharat.

State of the art embedded Network, Compute and Storage all bundled together into a single board to make prototyping faster deploy the same board for production.

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Auto Cloud Connect

Auto Cloud sync

Ready to integrate cloud connectivity with API and Apps from partner ecosystem. Provision, configure, monitor and manage Bharat Pi IoT board on cloud from anywhere. Visualize your device data on dashboard or integrate into your own App using ready to use APIs.

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Any Questions?

Frequently Asked

Thought its just a single board but you could build almost any IoT use case across domains. So here are few questions that could popup before you buy Bharat Pi IoT Board!

Bharat Pi combines the power of all the existing boards into a single package. Brings ESP32, M2M, 4G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and storage on a single board so that you can build whatever you can imagine for an IoT use case!
Connect Bharat Pi board to your computer using a Type-C cable and program it using Arduino IDE. All existing code for ESP/Arduino can be run on Bharat Pi board with no changes!
Any use case that you can imagine for an IoT project can be built using Bharat Pi IoT board. You can buy Bharat Pi IoT Kit which comes with 30+ sensors to experiment and prototype multiple use cases.
Bharat Pi IoT board is a made in India design to help student, developer, innovator to be able to build an IoT project or even a commercial product and be able to launch their own IoT startup without having to invest in R&D, manufacturing and packaging. Simply put, it is half the price of what you would spend if you had to buy a Arduino + 4G Module + ESP.
We have partnered with Cloud and app service providers and you could readily integrate them within your firmware code for Bharat Pi IoT board. Backend, APIs and mobile app should help you build faster prototypes or pre-sales demos to win a customer!
Yes! Bharat Pi IoT board is built and tested for a production grade scale. For live deployment simply connect a 9V or a 12V power adapter with 2A current rating and start deploying at customer sides. We have designed enclosures which will help make your Bharat Pi ready to scale and ship to your customer base with minimal effort.
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