Remote Monitoring System

A multi purpose remote monitoring solution.

Remote Manage

Plug-n-play remote monitoring for utilities.

Connect your utilities like water, electricity to remotely manage from a single devices.

24 pin I/O connectors which can collect data from various sources like sensors and control panel.

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Unified dashboard

Provision, configure and manage devices from a single dashboard.

Track availability, consumption, quality of service and many more KPIs along with key insights and advanced analytics.

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Success Stories

Case Studies

Below are some of our customer success stories on how our remote monitoring solution helped them increase efficiency, reduce cost and improved quality of service (QoS).

Dec 07, 2021

Remote monitoring of water quality and availability

Deployed in 100 water stations across Karnataka enabling remote monitoring of plant operations, availability, consumption and water quality. Read more.

Jan 02, 2022

Manage Coffee vending machines remotely

Consumption, inventory and availability monitoring of coffee vending machines through a unified dashboard and a mobile app for field service engineers.